Nepal Earthquake Response Demolition Project

Jack McLellan
Debris & Waste Associate

Jack was the Project Coordinator for the largest demolition project undertaken during the aftermath of the Nepal Earthquake. The heavy machinery demolition project was implemented by IOM in line with local governmental authorities. This project was groundbreaking at the time due to the complexities of demolishing such large structures including tower blocks, banks, Ministries buildings and other highly volitale structures within the affected communities.

Due to the geographic nature of Nepal, the demolition process had to be meticulously assessed during planning phase because of the densely populated structures and recurring aftershocks. The work was undertaken to safely demolish buildings and infrastructure with no incidents of collateral damage or injuries to staff or the general public.

An important element of this project, was the recycling of the majority of the ruble from the demolished buildings which greatly contributed to the regeneration of Nepal’s roadsand infrastructures in cooperation with local authorities.

This project led to additional funding opportunities which were used to manually demolish rural mountain homes on the Nepal and Tibet mountain range where the most affected communities had been cut off from access to assistance. Due to a creative implementation planning stragetgy the initiative was able to access demolition and clearance process through an Emergency Livilihoods Cash for Work scheme which hired and trained 8 engineers in demolition whilst employing in excess of 1,000 local Nepalese beneficiaries to assist in the safe demolition and clearance of their homes paving the way for recovery.