Global Alliance of Climate-Smart Agriculture

Germana Borsetta
Climate Change Associate

Germana has supported the development of technical documents and case studies on Climate-Smart Agriculture serving the Global Alliance of Climate-Smart Agriculture (GACSA) within FAO.

The activities implemented within the GACSA aim at integrating Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) into policies, strategies, planning and funding mechanisms, at the global, regional, national, and local levels, and across landscapes and issues. The various projects are the result of multilevel activities carried out to identify the technical, policy and investment conditions needed to scale up CSA approaches, and to promote the harmonization of community-based national agriculture, climate change and food system policies.

In particular, the projects help to enhance capacity building among stakeholders and improve the livelihoods of smallholders securing sustainability and resilience to climate change. CSA helps in strengthening institutional capacity, while promoting the adoption of best practices and being a concrete mean of efficient dialogue among institutions, researchers and local stakeholders. Beneficiaries of the projects are local communities, civil society, research bodies and governments.

The projects have already provided that cooperation and commitments are possible throughout a dynamic dialogue,which helps in sharingevidence and experiences related to Climate-Smart Agriculture. In particular, the identification of a set of activities and pipelines have been implemented in order to unlock investments in agriculture sectors and in NDC (Nationally Determined Contributions).