Early Recovery Waste Management for Northeast Nigeria

Jack McLellan
Debris & Waste Associate

Jack has recently led the implementation of a $500K USD Solid Waste Management Livelihoods Pilot Project funded by UNDP and the Swiss government, entitled Early Recovery Waste Management for, Borno State, Northeast Nigeria.

The overall objective of the intervention was to support the early recovery of the most vulnerable people in Maiduguri, Borno State. The project was focused around an emergency livelihoods employment scheme through the clean-up of waste accumulations and the municipal drainage systems. This heavily reduced the burden of increased waste generation on government while destroying vector breedingsites, clearing blocked drains, and reducing the occurrence of open burning of waste. This ultimately resulted in both short and long term public health benefits which will contribute to the recovery of IDP’s residing in the host communities.

The additional income generated through conditional cash transfers to beneficiaries reduced food insecurity and the recurrence of negative coping strategies. The intervention allowed the local and state government to better cope with the increase in waste accumulationincreases as a direct result of the influx of over 1 million IDP’s within the Maiduguri metropolitan area. Jack also assisted with institutional strengthening through a capacity building programme which trained 8 local Ministries through an environmental protection qualification with the World Safety Organisation.