Consultants (National/Local Experts)

Women in Agribusiness Turkey and Uzbekistan Gender Assessment

Organization Profile

impactfulAID is a human development organization that sues a social enterprise model to work towards poverty alleviation. To prevent dependency, we use people’s own organising capacities as individuals and as collectives to help them develop their own opportunities, laying the groundwork for resilience and self-sufficiency.

With traditional aid budgets under pressure, now more than ever it is vital that aid investment is used strategically and complements people’s own resources and those of their organisations.

Our team is comprised of uniquely talented people with vast experience in humanitarian and development assistance. Their approach is to focus on creating and managing programmes that deliver sustainable outcomes and contribute to more resilient individuals and communities.

We collaborate with NGOs, foundations, bilateral and multilateral organizations, as well as the private sector. We are always happy to share our expertise and tailor a solution to deliver relevant and meaningful impactful aid, so please get in touch.

Project Summary

The agribusiness sector is often characterised by large gender segregation, whereby women tend to form the dominant labour force in lower tiers of the supply chain or be engaged in informal employment. Promoting women’s equitable economic participation in the sector may be achieved through (i) building the clients’ technical capacity in Supply Chain Management Systems to include women-led businesses in their operations and address women’s representation in informal employment (e.g., women working outside the formal, regulated sphere of the economy) and (ii) supporting women-led businesses to collaborate, in the form of agricultural cooperatives or other, so as to create economies of scale and increase their bargaining power in the market.

The aim of the consultancy is to conduct a gender assessment to inform future agribusiness investments, as well as potential policy engagement and support for reforms in the public- sector stakeholders in Turkey and Uzbekistan. impactfulAID wishes to engage 2 external experts (One each in Turkey and Uzbekistan) to identify ways to support women farmers, workers (including women refugees in Turkey) and agri-entrepreneurs, (b) highlight economic opportunities to enhance their equitable participation in agricultural supply chains, and in so doing, (c) the development of agri-MSME sector in countries of operation.


Under the overall guidance and supervision of the Project Manager/Team Leader he/she will be responsible for the following:

  1. Develop and present: (i) the business case for promoting women’s equitable participation in agribusiness supply chains to enhance the EBRD’s engagement with agribusiness clients on this issue; and (ii) at least five agribusiness companies/case studies showcasing good practice examples of women’s successful integration in agribusiness supply chains;
  1. An in-depth assessment of the gender gaps in the agribusiness sector in the Turkey and Uzbekistan, including the legal, regulatory, financial, economic and social barriers women face in participating equitably in and benefitting from agribusiness supply chains;
  1. An institutional/stakeholder mapping on what state institutions and other development actors are doing in this area, such as UN/EU/ILO, and identify gaps in international assistance to opportunities for cooperation in this area, in line with its business model;
  1. Identify potential entry points in agribusiness investments (direct and intermediated) and propose a set of practical ways and investment criteria to enhance the integration of gender considerations with a view to achieving systemic impact (for example, through supply chain interventions and backwards linkages to local suppliers/MSMEs; improved procurement practices; introduction of training opportunities; etc.).

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Excellent written communication skills;
  • Ability to meet deadlines, work with a minimum of supervision, and deliver quality products is essential;
  • Demonstrated experience of working in Turkey or Uzbekistan is required;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills;
  • Fluency and excellent writing skills in English;
  • Fluency in Russian or Turkish relevant to country assignment.


  • University degree Master’s level required, (PhD preferred) in Economics, International Relations, or Social Sciences – specialized studies in Gender and/or Agribusiness will be an advantage;
  • Agribusiness analysts with thorough understanding of gender related issues; previous experience of conducting gender assessments in the agribusiness sector will a strong plus
  • Good understanding of the agriculture sector, with more than 5 years of experience;
  • Good understanding of the country’s (Turkey or Uzbekistan) business environment, gender issues and relevant practices in the agribusiness sector;
  • Strong qualitative and communication skills and ability to liaise with various stakeholders, including government officials, business representatives, civil society etc.

Assignment Start Date and Duration

The Assignment is expected to start in April 2018 and has an estimated overall duration of eighteen months.

Application Deadline

12 April 2018

Please forward a copy of your CV and Letter of Interest indicating your expertise in either Turkey or Uzbekistan for Gender in Agribusiness Supply Chains in the Subject line to:

Only candidates who have been selected for an interview will be contacted. No phone calls, please.