Direct Programming & Implementation Partnership

As a European Union registered non-profit organization impactfulAID is uniquely positioned to provide direct programming support as well as partnering with NGO’s, foundations, bilateral and multilateral organizations and the private sector to implement a diverse variety of humanitarian and development programmes.

Complex and interconnected global issues such as poverty, climate change, and conflict are challenging to large, risk-averse organizations. In contrast, impactfulAID does not have prescribed or strict procedures for decision-making which helps us to remain more adaptive to arising needs and inherent complexities. We are able to mobilise local resources and be responsive to the needs of the communities where we work.

Various aspects of social enterprise modelling have emerged in the development sector over the last several years. However, the difference now is the evolution of organisations such as impactfulAID whose business model is based on generating sustainable income through service delivery in the development and humanitarian sectors.

We believe that today’s reality is that development and humanitarian assistance are often required concurrently, especially in complex and protracted crises. And while they need to be complementary, humanitarian and development efforts should not be confused with one other. When states are explicitly excluding portions of their population, or are responsible for the harm befalling them, principled humanitarian action must be supported.

Yet where possible, development actors must also engage early and in a sustained way with humanitarian actors to bridge the humanitarian and development nexus so that crises are more likely to end sooner and are less likely to repeat themselves (For more information on Resilience building and the Humanitarian-Development Nexus please click here.)