“Innovation by its definition involves doing things differently”

About Us

impactfulAID is a human development organization that uses a social enterprise model to work towards poverty alleviation. To prevent dependency, we use people’s own organising capacities as individuals and as collectives to help them develop their own opportunities, laying the groundwork for resilience and self-sufficiency.

With traditional aid budgets under pressure, now more than ever it is vital that aid investment is used strategically and complements people’s own resources and those of their organisations.

Our team is comprised of uniquely talented people with vast experience in humanitarian and development assistance. Their approach is to focus on creating and managing programmes that deliver sustainable outcomes and contribute to more resilient individuals and communities.

We collaborate with NGOs, foundations, bilateral and multilateral organizations, as well as the private sector. We are always happy to share our expertise and tailor a solution to deliver relevant and meaningful impactful aid, so please get in touch.

“Strengthening the resilience of individuals and communities should be a priority for humanitarian and development cooperation”

Resilience building and the Humanitarian-Development Nexus

“Unlocking insight, challenging established thinking,
achieving sustainable advantage”

Our Practice Areas


impactfulAID is committed to developing sustainable solutions to environmental protection, community-based natural resource management, biodiversity conservation, agricultural and fisheries production and energy conservation challenges.

Climate Change

impactfulAID works to integrate climate change adaptation into the development process ensuring that the most vulnerable groups are central to the rapidly expanding climate change research and policy agenda.

Social Development

impactfulAID focuses on the need to “put people first” in the development processes. Poverty is more than low
income – it is also about vulnerability, exclusion, unaccountable institutions, powerlessness, and exposure to violence.

Debris and Waste Management

impactfulAID helps transform damaged environments and devastated communities affected by crisis while promoting social cohesion and building long-term resilience.

Rural and Agricultural Development

impactfulAID understands how agricultural and rural development can create jobs and livelihoods for small farmers and the landless, while producing food and raw materials for the urban economy.

Disaster Risk Reduction

impactfulAID understands that by undertaking risk-informed and resilient development, decades of hard work and costly development gains can be protected, and lives and livelihoods can be saved.


impactfulAID integrates a gender perspective into humanitarian and development programs to improve outcomes and increase equality among girls, boys, women and men.


There are more than 1.5 billion young people in the world today, and their hopes and dreams are the challenges of human development.Today’s youths are the force, hope and leaders of tomorrow”

Project Management

Aid agencies change the world every day though activities in agriculture, health care, microfinance, housing, education, infrastructure and human rights, and they all share one thing in common: They change the world through projects!

Private Sector and Trade

Private sector engagement and trade in the development processes lies at the heart of impactfulAID’s work. We understand it’s enormous potential as a driver of sustainable and inclusive economic growth, job creation and poverty reduction.

Cash-based Programming

Cash-based programming is becoming increasingly widespread in the aid sector and is currently one of the preferred solutions aid agencies resort to especially in crisis situations where fast response to people’s needs saves lives.

Direct Programming & Implementation Partnership

impactfulAID is uniquely positioned to provide direct programming support as well as partnering with NGO’s, foundations, bilateral and multilateral organizations and the private sector to implement a diverse variety of humanitarian and development programmes.

“We help our partners create and drive transformative change”

Our Services


ODA Mapping and Financing Identification


Thematic/Country Strategy Development


Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning


Surveys, Assessments and Studies


Financing Agreement Preparation and Negotiation


Supervision and Implementation Support


Project Design and Management


Capacity Building and Training


Partnership Development


Institutional Analysis and Policy Formulation Support


Proposal Preparation

World Bank

“It’s rewarding to have a platform to make such widespread impact”

Meet Our Team

Rossella Bartoloni

Co-Managing Director
Project Design and Management

Charles von Huff

Co-Managing Director
Disaster Risk Reduction

Marina Moroli

Rural & Agricultural Development Associate

Jan Rogge

Senior Monitoring Evaluation and Learning Associate

Carmine Soprano

Gender & Youth Associate

Germana Borsetta

Climate Change Associate

Jack McLellan

Debris & Waste Associate

Judith D’Souza

Women’s Economic Empowerment Associate

“This Community-Based Livelihoods initiative has been successful beyond our wildest expectations”

Country Director, NGO

“From my initial contact and then ongoing engagement, I found that they were very efficient in their management of the entire M&E process”

Bilateral Donor Agency.

“I was very impressed by the support, communication and professionalism provided to me during the entire services engagement to support our Cash for Work programme.”

Assistant Country Director, UN Agency

“Smaller Non-governmental organisations can at times be challenged because we lack the resources of the larger international organisations. The support that was provided to us in developing a donor proposal and budget was invaluable in helping us secure a multi-million Euro grant. We couldn’t have done it without their assistance and support!”


“We were delighted with not only the delivery of the assessment of our management practices & strategies, but the follow-up trainings and workshops were invaluable in helping our staff gain new knowledge and insight.”

Ministry of Health, Government of the Kingdom of Swaziland

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